Home-School Cooperation

Home-School Cooperation

Both the family and the school play crucial roles in educating and socializing our children. Our school has a strong tradition of home-school cooperation and established effective communication channels with parents, which not only improve mutual understanding, but also enables both parties to grasp the learning situation of children at home and in school. We organize a variety of activities such as Parents’ Day, parent-child picnic, parent-involved teaching activities, parent-child reading programs, parent-child sports day, seminars and workshops. Many parents have even become volunteers to assist in extracurricular visits.


Every year, we invite parents to visit the school to observe lessons and learn about their children’s learning at school. In addition to interviews, we also use questionnaires to understand parents’ opinions on the school for self-assessment by the school, thereby improving the effectiveness of learning and teaching.

Useful Links


EDB Parent Education Information at Kindergarten Stage: EDB Parent Education Information at Kindergarten Stage (edb.gov.hk)


Committee on Home-School Co-Operation: CHSC


Parents’ Talk: Parents’ Talk (edb.gov.hk)


e-Bulletin for Parents: e-Bulletin for Parents (edb.gov.hk)

The Education Bureau organized a series of seminar with the topic of 「出手與放手–談培養幼兒自理能力之道」(Chinese version only).


The seminar aims to help parents to understand the self-care ability of different ages of child and how to help them to learn this ability.


The link of the seminar is as below: (Chinese version only)

(28) 「出手與放手 – 談培養幼兒自理能力之道」家長講座 – YouTube